About Us

With its romantic ambiance and superb food offering, the recently opened “Buon Gusto D’Italia” invites you to savor the best of Italy in Amsterdam. The place has a quiet, old-world environment that complements perfectly the wonderful variety of traditional Italian dishes that are the main attraction in the restaurant, served by knowledgeable and friendly staff. Starters include an array of traditional antipasto ingredients, a new twist on seafood favorites or salads. Favorites include a medley of traditional pizzas and the outstanding classics pasta menu and Italian steak. Delight your senses with “Brasato de cosciotto di agnello”, the traditional “Scaloppini” or the wonderful “Scamoi Al Vino Bianco”. “Buon Gusto D’Italia” kitchen complements their fabulous menu with a generous wine and cocktail list. The restaurant is open for dinner every day of the week from 12:00 pm.

It may be located in Amsterdam, but “Buon Gusto D’italia” feels as if it was airlifted directly from Italy. The restaurant is a labor of love overseen by the team. The chef sticks close to Italian tradition with dishes like Scamoi Al Vino Bianco, Pollo Alla Gorgonzola and Grigliata Misa Di Carne. “I loved it there!! The pasta was so fresh as well as the sauce. My favorite place yet in Amsterdam.”

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